About the tournament

"GARMIN Predator Cup Latvia" is the largest predator fishing competition in the Baltics, which takes place annually in the capital city of Latvia, Riga. The competition usually features an impressive prize fund. "GARMIN Predator Cup Latvia" attracts anglers from several countries, including professionals and amateurs, who compete in pike, perch, and zander fishing from boats.

A brief history

How it started

The "GARMIN Predator Cup Latvia" is the largest and most prestigious predator fishing competition in the Baltics. It first took place in 2010. Since 2022, the Latvian Cup has taken on a new form by attracting strong collaborative partners. The tournament has reached a new, international level, becoming not only exciting and full of sporting intrigue but also a special event for the residents of Riga and visitors, who have a unique opportunity to witness a sports boat parade in the center of Latvia's capital city.

Our mission

The goal of the "GARMIN Predator Cup Latvia" is to popularize fishing as an exciting, active, and healthy lifestyle component, as well as a sport, recreational activity, and leisure pursuit that is freely accessible to everyone. It also aims to promote a sustainable approach to fishing, both as a hobby and as a sport, by fostering a friendly attitude towards natural resources.


The biggest city in the Baltic states

The Latvian capital city Riga is a modern city located on the coast of the Baltic Sea with a rich history. It is a city abundant in events situated on the banks of Latvia’s largest river, the Daugava.

Riga is rich in water resources. Within its territory and vicinity, there are several lakes and rivers connected to the sea, including Jugla Lake, Lielais Baltezers, Mazais Baltezers, Ķīšezers, Daugava, Buļļupe, and Lielupe. These bodies of water, thanks to their connection to the Baltic Sea, are rich in fish. This is particularly true for predatory fish such as pike, zander, and perch.


Riga has a very wide offer of accommodation, including hotels, guest houses, private apartments. More information about accommodation options can be found on latvia.travel, as well as on services such as Booking.com, AirBnb.com and others.

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Transport in Riga

Buses and minibuses, trams and trolleybuses, as well as trains operate in Riga. A wide range of taxi service providers are available, as well as shared transport - cars, electric scooters.
Bus, tram and trolleybus traffic - rigassatiksme.lv.
Train traffic - pv.lv.
Ticket service - mobile application Mobilly.
Shared transport companies (cars): Carguru, Bolt Drive, CityBee, Fiqsy).
City parking mobile applications: Mobilly, EuroPark.
Major taxi service providers: Bolt (application), riga.taxi, RedCab.lv, smile.taxi and others.


Registration deadline - August 10th, 2024 // 23:59